In The Loving Memory

Health and Hydrogen is an initiative dedicated to the courage and perseverance of Ruchika Jaiswal who during her lifetime stood strong against the dreaded disease Cancer. In the quest to live longer with a good quality of life, she and her Husband Arpan Talwar, navigated across various treatments, initiatives and research across the world etc.

During the same quest, both of them learnt about the immense work done by scientists in Japan, China, US and various other countries on the role of hydrogen in the management of cancer and other age-related diseases. In the year 2020, due to restrictions for COVID on import from some specific countries, Ruchika & Arpan, could not import the Molecular Hydrogen Inhalation Devices in India, and hence, decided to collaborate with manufacturers in India to develop a Made In India product.

Few years from that, Ruchika is not with us, but the legacy continues with this research & innovation dedicated to world in form of Health and Hydrogen. Today Molecular Hydrogen inhalation has proven helpful in various diseases including Cardiovascular Diseases, Respiratory Disorders, Neurological conditions along with cancer including others. With every patient being benefitted Ruchika shall will with us forever.

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