Quality Assurance and Testing of Our Hydrogen Inhalation Machines

Quality Assurance and Testing of Our Hydrogen Inhalation Machines

At Health and Hydrogen, we take immense pride in ensuring that every hydrogen inhalation machine we produce meets the highest standards of performance and safety before being shipped to our customers. Our rigorous testing process guarantees that each unit functions as intended, providing reliable and safe therapeutic benefits to our users.

Comprehensive Testing Procedures

  1.  Performance Testing
    – Hydrogen Output Verification: Each hydrogen inhalation machine is tested to confirm it produces the manufacturer-rated volume of pure hydrogen gas (99.9%). This is achieved through precise water displacement methods, ensuring accurate measurement of gas output. For a detailed demonstration, you can watch our testing process on YouTube at this URL:

    – Oxygen Output Verification: Additionally, the machine’s capacity to deliver pure oxygen is verified, ensuring a consistent and effective combined output of hydrogen and oxygen.

  1. Electrical Performance
    Electrical Values Confirmation: Our tests confirm the machine operates at the specified voltage and amperage at full production capacity, translating to optimal power consumption and high efficiency.

    Electrolytic Cell Efficiency: The efficiency of the electrolytic cells is tested and verified to be exceptionally high, surpassing theoretical maximum production rates and ensuring optimal performance.

  1. Functionality Assessment
    User Interface and Controls: The LED digital display and control panel are tested for accuracy and responsiveness. This includes session time settings, gas production displays, and flow control options.

    Safety Features: The machine’s safety mechanisms, such as low-water protection, internal fans, gas separators, and deionization resin filters, are thoroughly tested to ensure they function correctly to prevent overheating and maintain gas purity.

  1. Reliability Testing
    Initial and Long-Term Performance: While the initial test results are documented, the machines are designed for long-term reliability. Periodic tests over three months, six months, and one year are conducted to ensure sustained performance and safety.
  1. Safety and Compliance
    Combustibility and Safety: The machine’s safety is ensured by verifying that the hydrogen gas produced is above 99% purity, minimizing the risk of combustion. The design prevents hydrogen build-up and includes heat vents to manage internal temperatures.

    Testing Methodology

    Water Displacement Method: We use distilled water with a pH of 6.0 at a temperature of 18-25°C for testing. The water displacement method accurately measures the volume of hydrogen and oxygen gas produced.

    Standard Ambient Temperature and Pressure (SATP): All measurements are converted to SATP to ensure consistency and reliability in our test results.

Sample Test Report

Below is a sample test report illustrating our comprehensive testing process. The complete report is attached for your review:

Sample Test Report

For more information on our testing procedures or to review detailed test results, please contact us at